Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Manna Specialty Bakery

One of my recent food find is Manna Specialty Bakery at Esteban Abada, the street parallel to Katipunan in Quezon City. I can say that their breads are not of the ordinary and will really bring heavenly gastronomic pleasure to you. Surely. Their all-natural homemade breads will really win you.

We got the Blueberry Focaccia (Php 75), Cheddar Dill Focaccia (Php 65) a big Whole Wheat Loaf (Php 75) and Apple Butter (Php 100) that came in a glass container. Everything was superb!

So that you know when and what to order/ grab some bread love, they provided a Bread Sched!

In the shop, they have a cork board where you can post stuff. They also sell some native bags which costs from anywhere around 120-150 pesos. Not bad!

~Manna Specialty Bakery~
Casa Baronesa Building
86 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, QC
Tel # +632-4348033
Cel # +63922-8348033
Email: mannaspecialtybakery@yahoo.com.ph


  1. very nice bakery.

  2. really yummy bread, you can't go wrong with anything there... :)

  3. e2 ba ung nafeature sa tv patrol? wala na ibang branch? tnx

  4. Good Day! Manna Specialty Bakery is on sabbatical but we will be baking again soon! The bakery featured on TV recently is another entity and has no relation to our store or products. Please check out our website www.manna.com.ph for any updates. Thanks very much Bong!



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