Monday, October 20, 2008

Metro Manila Film Fest 2008 Entry Dayo: Sa Mundo ng Elementalia Behind the Scenes

Eric and I were at EK's OktakonEK event, when I first learned about Dayo. There I met Dayo's Marketing Officer Jinky Salvado and Film Director Robert Quilao who explained to me stuff about the film. Right there and then, I really saw the film's potential to greatness. I suddenly felt the passion to help this film out. :) Less than a week later, they invited us bloggers to tour their studio and to learn more about the film and the people behind it.

Dayo's display at the OctakonEK in Enchanted Kingdom

And so, they gave us a sneak peak from the cartooning, drawing, coloring to the rough-draft of the movie itself with dubbed voices already, and the movie's musical score. Here are some of the pictures I took from the event at their Makati Office.

Dayo Movie Producer Jesse Lasaten showing bloggers the rough movie output to hype them on what to expect in the movie. And excited and thrilled we were after we saw what's in store for the public.

I tried my hand on the coolest and high-tech drawing gadget, the WACOM Cintiq, they are using to make the film. This technology is the same thing the likes of PIXAR and Disney are using.

So what's great about this film? (you might ask)
  • All FILIPINO made!
  • My idol Lea Salonga's singing the Theme Song
  • The song was done by a full orchestra and Gerard Salonga
  • It's fully digital/ no papers used in the creation
  • It stars a powerhouse cast
  • ...and 'coz I've seen a lot of scenes in the movie, and frankly, this is the bomb! :)



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