Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adidas King of the Road 2008 Race Results

The Adidas King of the Road 10k and 21k race results are out! I got it from runningDATCom.

Adidas KOTR 5 km Results
Adidas KOTR 10 km Results
Adidas KOTR 21 km Results

From the previous post, I thought that my time was 1:50:08, but it turned out that I was mistaken (I knew I wasn't really looking at the clock correctly..), it's 1:21:23 at a pace of 8:09 mins/km. I was surprised that I did better than my Nike Human Race run!! Woot! Even though I really wasn't able to train for it because of academic constraints (ahem, hassle talaga, ahem), I did a little better.

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