Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Conquered the Nike+ Human Race!

Achi Michelle, Tiff, and I completed the Nike+ Human Race earlier today which started at McKinley Hill in the Fort. At exactly 6am, the race begun. I was 30 seconds late, but it was all good -- I still caught up with them. After a while, Achi Michelle went ahead of us, while Tiff and I, catching up with each others' pace, stuck together until the end.

From McKinley Hill, we passed along the Army Headquarters, through and around the Heritage Park, and back to McKinley Hill for the finish.

And so, after 1 hour and 22 minutes (according to the logs), I conquered my first ever 10 kilometer run! Woohoo! I'm so happy and proud of myself. The run really gave this certain "high" -- runners high or whatever you may want to call it -- it was surely pure of awesomeness :)

Right after the race, we synced our Nike+ Sportsband in the available laptops around the finish area. After that, we got our claim numbers for the Nike band. *See Red Nike Band (with metal design on the middle) in the next photo.

One thing that we noticed that this event has a lot of sponsors and freebees -- which is very good.

I commend the organizers, Coach Rio, for a very well planned route and executed run! Surely this is one of the races I will remember forever. Until my next run; kitakits!

P.S. Here are our race-logs from Nike+ Human Race Results -- I'm 234/300 (total). For me, it's not bad; it only poses as a challenge for me to do better in the next races.

*First 2 photos are from and by Achi Michelle


  1. Congrats! :D hehehe si tiff mukhang iiyak na :)) btw, what does the letter at the far right mean?

  2. Tiff loookssss very much wasted :D Congratulations to the three of you! (s_dance)

  3. Was there too! It was a fun event. Buti na lang the weather was great!

    Congrats to you and your friends for finishing the race :)

  4. @penatbater: it's the age group :) hehe

    @jeric: hehe! she'll prolly kill me for posting a pic of her x.x thanks! (s_dance)!!

    @spikeithard: cooool! yeah, the weather was great! congratulations to you too! :)

  5. wow.. di ko makaya yun.. (pc lang naman kasi laging kaharap eh)

    you're tagged:

  6. @kevin haha! kaya yan! i'm in front of the pc MOST of the time, but i did it! :D so kaya :D

  7. Hi Brian!

    Congratulations for finishing! My officemate Marge also ran (and walked). She was barely moving the following day.

  8. thanks abigail! maybe she forgot to stretch? anyway, if ever, you might want to join in the other upcoming races :D



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