Friday, August 8, 2008

Giligan's Mishap

After the exclusive screening of The Mummy at Trinoma Cinema, we decided to eat dinner at Giligan's. (Giligan's is located at the 2nd floor, restaurants wing area near the soon to be opened Hot Shots restaurant.)

We ordered the Sizzling Sisig, Gambas and some Beef with veggies dish. Oh, and 2 big plates of rice, which the girls devoured :3

The food was great! No questions asked. I think that the food there was a little bit better than what Dencio's and Gerry's has to offer. Or I am just saying this because Giligan's offers a fresh taste to Filipino food than I usually eat at other Filipino-themed restaurants mentioned above?

So here's the mishap: After the eating and all was over and done with, we asked for the bill. After 5 minutes or so, it still hasn't arrived. And so, I asked for it again. They apologized and said: "Pasensiya na sir, sira yung computer, kaya minamanual lang." (Sorry, the computer's broken, we're just doing the computing manually.) Okay... Even though that's the case, waiting for the bill for more than 10 minues is not really acceptable (restaurant quality terms).

After a while, I asked for the menu, and told my companions to just compute it ourselves, and maybe just leave the money? We even thought of leaving the restaurant without paying; should they notice, they'll just stop us, if ever.

And since my parents were looking for me already, I left my share of the payment with them. So what happened after I left is that...they got impatient, and went to the counter/cashier and asked for the bill. That's just plain unacceptable for a restaurant! I jokingly said to them that they should've continued with the "walk-out" instead of paying. The wait for the bill is almost longer than eating what we ordered!


  1. Wow. Ang tagal nun! Naalala ko tuloy yung time na nilibre ako ng boss ko. Masyado namang mabilis ang pagbigay ng bill.

    After we ate the main meal, tumawag siya ng waiter and asked for the menu kasi mag-o-order kami ng dessert. Tapos ang binigay sa amin yung bill instead of the menu. Nagalit yung boss ko at nagdemanda ng manager. Sabi niya, "Are you making us leave already?"

    Sabi naman ng tatanga-tangang manager na obviously hindi nakikinig, "Yes, Sir."

    Lalong nagalit ang boss ko at nagtawag ng higher manager at nanghingi ng contact number ng main branch para mag-file ng complaint.

    We ended up having free desserts and drinks. :D

  2. SOBRA! grabe...

    Wow. Now that's an experience. Funny rin, actually :)) That's cool, on your part - having free desserts and drinks :p lol



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