Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chocolate Love

Triple Chocolate Banana Oreo Pancakes :)
Last week, to get out from all the hassle and to take off stress from all the academic and org stuff I had, I made some pancakes for Barbie, Kent, Reg, Rog and Tenai. The day before this, we were also talking about/ planning (a month in advance) of having a Japanese themed cook-out at Reg's house. Ah, but I digress.

Triple Choco Banana Oreo Pancake really sounds yummy. But it doesn't just sound yummy, it tastes even better. And so I experimented with what I had at home. I took 250g of Pancake mix, added 3/4 cup milk, 1 whole egg, 3 tablespoons of Hersheys chocolate syrup, 1/2 bar of crushed Swiss milk chocolate, 3 whole bananas mashed by fork, 2 pieces of Oreos crushed, 2 tablespoons of oil, and presto, you have a winner! :) (You might want to add in some Vanilla -- as suggested by Rog) They all loved it. It was gone in an instant!

A few days ago, I made pancakes again. This time, for Tiffy and my buddy Delaney. It was just Hersheys and Bananas in the bater. It was simple yet it still tasted really yummy. I also experimented on a chocolate syrup which you can put on top of the pancakes. Awesomeness!


  1. I should try this out!

    ( diet!)

  2. oooh hi! you should! :D it's really great! (diet? exercise na lang after!) hehe

  3. I tried making Banana Pancakes + vanilla and I have to say that it's good. But it looks it would be better if you added chocolate and Oreo cookies. I should try that! It really looks delicious.

  4. niceee! ooooh i tried putting in chocolate oreos :D it was yummy! :D

  5. ehehe... reminds me of the crepe that i made for a recipe contest when i was in highschool. it didn't win but i loved it though. you could try jason mraz' recipe "I baci di cioccolato- A recipe for Chocomole"... looks great... haha... top it all add up music while eating... i recommend jack johnson's banana pancakes to match it all...

  6. @dave - oooooh! sige i will try it! :) will post it once i did :) thanks!



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