Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vegetarian Dinner

While strolling in SM Fairview yesterday afternoon, my mom saw Bodhi along the stretch of restaurants at the ground floor food court. And since I really wanted to try Bodhi out, and I guess the same goes with my mom, we decided to buy food there for dinner.

We were really inquisitive about the food they were selling there. We asked about everything they had and what it is made of. We then decided to take out the pancit (stir-fried noodles) (Php 40 per order), the beef steak which was their best seller (according to the lady who was assisting us) (Php 60 per order), and the barbeque with sauce (Php 55 per order).

To be honest, I didn't like it that much. I guess it goes without saying that beef and pork and chicken can't really be replaced by any vegie substitute pretending to be the real thing. (Or what I just ate wasn't really prepared well enough? But that's another speculation)

Any ideas, comments, and suggestions? They're really very welcome.


  1. when my siblings were on the process of looking for the perfect school for college, my mom was well convinced that they are going to AUP(Adventist University of the Philippines). everytime we go there for inquiries, my mom buys stuff here and there and one of the things she fancy is their food because its all vegetarian. all of them were good but MEAT is really different from veggie meat... maybe you were just unlucky with Bodhi coz i enjoyed most of the food in AUP... i dunno...-_-

  2. yeah probably it's just the branch... i hope i'll be able to appreciate more this kind of food... i hope i'll be able to taste good veggie meat some place else if not from Bodhi (SM Fairview) hahaha..

  3. never like it here too

  4. I'm proud to say I am part of PETA -- People Eating Tasty Animals.

    There's a vegetarian place in UP. La-somethingsomething. I forgot. But the place was full of purple and PETA posters if I remember correctly. I had the shawarma. It was so-so.



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