Monday, February 17, 2014

Surfiesta 2014: LabaText—Right Place, Right Time, Right Manner

Dangwa, the place where you can get flowers for your loved ones at the best prices, is probably the busiest place during Valentine's Day year on year. 2014 V Day was no different. A team from Unilever, together with partner distributor and agencies, took this opportunity to pull off a publicity act to inform the people about Surfiesta—a promo wherein Surf sachets can be exchanged for free texts at Cebuana Lhuillier.


"Given our limited budget for this activation, we had to be smart and maximize what we have. We were tasked to do this on Valentine's Day and I immediately knew the perfect venue for it. Dangwa, being the center of attention of people and media during Valentine's, is the key to maximize our exposure given our limited resources," Engle Chua, a member of the Unilever team, said.


The whole team, composed of more than 50 people, conducted massive flyering and sampling of Surf sachets in Dangwa. To cap it all off, all members including Surf's mascot, Boy Bula, performed a surprise street-style flash mob along the streets, creating a big buzz within the district. Dancing to the tune of "LabaText", people were treated to a catchy jingle and easy-to-follow dance moves.


"We decided to convey the mechanics of the promo through a combination of a catchy jingle and dance moves because Filipinos are naturally happy people. We enjoy dancing and singing," Engle said.


This publicity stint was a well-crafted one in a sense that it was done at the right place, at the right time and through the right manner.

Photos by Ken Chua.

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