Thursday, April 5, 2012

Miniloc Island Resort of El Nido Resorts Philippines

We stayed at Lagen Island for two nights. During the first night, we went on a sunset cruise, but the sun did not really show itself, so we were a bit disappointed with that. Although, having a cruise boat all to ourselves was quite of really awesome, which made up for the lack of a beautiful sunset :) We sailed back, had dinner, and slept soundly in our comfy beds.


The next day we were jam-packed with exciting and fun adventures, starting off with a breakfast at another El Nido Resorts property, Miniloc Island Resort, just 30 to 40 minutes boat ride away from Lagen Island. They say it is the introductory resort of El Nido because it costs cheaper but still gives the picturesque and jaw-dropping view and facilities for vacationers.


We were treated to the early morning feeding of the school of jacks which already frequent Miniloc Island. Jacks are large, swift fish that swim in schools. Jacks are carnivorous and typically prey on smaller fish. It was really spectacular seeing them rush to the fish as it hits the water. They even jump and eat it before landing in the sea.


After that, we did a short tour of Miniloc Island Resort, took some photos, then we were off to island hopping, beach-bumming, caving, and fun activities.


Like the other El Nido Resorts properties, it had around 50 (more or less) rooms. We were not able to see the interiors of the rooms anymore, but nonetheless, I would think it is of the same impeccable quality of the other resorts we saw and stayed in.


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