Friday, April 6, 2012

El Nido Palawan's Islands, Beaches, Lagoons, and Fun Activities

El Nido in Palawan boasts of more than 45 islands, that's why it brings a lot of excitement, adventure and fun to travelers and visitors to the place. It has a lot of picturesque limestone cliffs and formations, beaches, lagoons, and islands to discover. We went and explored some of the islands, lagoons, beaches and caves, when we were there a few weeks ago.


After breakfast at Miniloc Island Resort, our group proceeded to our itinerary. First up was the Small Lagoon and Big Lagoon, where we kayaked and enjoyed the scenery and its majestic allure. The photo below is courtesy of El Nido Resorts.

IMG_825702. El Nido Resorts Activities - Kayak in the Small Lagoon

After the lagoons, we proceeded to Vigan Island, or more commonly known as Snake Island, which got the name from its visitors because of the shape of its sandbar. Snake Island is near Pangulasian Island Resort of El Nido Resorts, which will open later this year. You can climb uphill Snake Island to see the S-shaped sandbar and to get a nice view of the surroundings. While following the trail up, we saw pitcher plants.


After visiting Snake Island, we trooped to our lunch stopover, one of the private beach clubs of El Nido Resorts - Entalula Island Beach Club (photo below courtesy of the resort). Entalula Beach Club offers small cabanas where guests can lie down, rest, beach bum, and enjoy the sun beside the sea.

23. El Nido Resorts - Entalula Beach Club

Upon arriving at the island, a resort staff will greet you and give you a welcome shot of really delicious coolers, and cold towelette. I forgot what the drink's made of, but it was actually really refreshing.


Entalula Island Beach Club offers a stretch of white sand beach, nice clear blue waters, which is good for snorkeling, and water sports. It has a clubhouse, a beach volleyball court, badminton court and rock climbing facilities. You can either go beach bumming or indulge in all the activities the island has to offer.


This was the lunch prepared for four at the Entalula Beach clubhouse.


After lunch, we proceeded to explore Cudugnon Cave (photo courtesy of El Nido Resorts), then to the Cathedral, then back to Lagen Island Resort to cap off the day's adventure.

08.El Nido Resorts Activities - Explore Cudugnon Cave



  1. Stunning rock formations, nice blue waters, fine white sand sand beaches, and amazing food - it can't get much more of a tropical paradise than that. One thing's for sure, I'd definitely want to try my hand at climbing those rocks.

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  3. wow!!! Amazing!
    Philippines is an amazing country stay with. Lot's of beautiful places to offer.



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