Monday, March 19, 2012

SMART's Anti-Bill Shock in Data Plans

Have you experienced or heard of billing nightmares, exorbitant and out of this world fees, from mobile surfing? Honestly, the first thought that comes to mind regarding this topic is the case of blogger Noemi Dado and her experience of her iPhone billing. After reading the blog post, and hearing same stories from friends, I never imagined bills can reach as crazy as 20,000 pesos!? Now that's shocking!

WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?! O_O Even the tarsier was shocked with that kind of a bill...

For travel bloggers, like myself, who are always on the go, going from one destination to the other, mobile surfing (to be able to post photos, check and update Facebook, Twitter, and reply to E-mails) is an important function we utilize the most. This is why it is important that we make sure our data plans suit our needs. It is also important that, at the back of our heads, we know we can post and update our readers and followers of the latest and fun places we go to and discover, without the hassle of worrying about data charges.

Good thing SMART Communications has this thing called the SMART Anti-Bill Shock on iPhone, Data Lite and Broadband plans. It is a shock proof feature built-in to the plan which basically puts a cap to the amount you will be asked to pay if you use data. It's already incorporated, unlike in other providers who require their subscribers to register before they can avail of the unlimited offers.

Never pay more than P1200 on top of your monthly plan. Once you have exceeded your plan’s free data allocation, you will be charged P10/30 minutes. Charges are continuous until the amount of P1200 (cap) has been reached -- it's like placing a cap when your data charges reach that amount. You can still continue to surf on your phone but you will only need to pay a maximum of P1,200 for data charges for that month. Of course, you will still have to pay for your regular monthly phone bill and other carrier expenses incurred (Calls, SMS, Roaming, MMS, etc.).

On the other hand, for Smart Bro (broadband) SIM Plan 495 subscribers, there’s the anti bill shock cap of P999 on your allowable 50 hours of data use per month. Anything in excess of that 50 hours will be charged P10/30 minutes. Once the subscriber consumes P999 or approximately 80 hours, he will enjoy unlimited internet with only a max bill of P999. How cool is that?

Definitely, It's More Fun to travel the Philippines knowing that SMART has this shockproof feature which makes blogging while traveling a whole lot easier and fun. :)

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  1. Will you receive an alert/message saying that you already reached your cap?

  2. My daughter has a pretty basic Tracfone, where the amount of minutes used shows on her screen, this is so handy, I don't know why they cant just incorporate this feature into all networks.



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