Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Platform Show Manila 2012

ART x FASHION x LIFESTYLE x MUSIC x PASSION x CREATIVITY x DESIGN = Platform Show Manila 2012. It is Manila's first Youth Culture Convention where more than 80 of the country's kick-ass independent verge culture retail industry players converged and conquered at The Playground, Ronac Art Center in San Juan, Manila.


It was so perfect and inspiring seeing young entrepreneurs and artists, who love what they're doing, committed to develop their crafts (clothing lines, art and culture products, independent accessories and lifestyle items). They all came together with "an opportunity to not only sell to the public, but proudly display the fruits of their hard work."

Aren Pe, owner of Sole Service and Civic Duty in the Philippines

With Jason, David and Chiqui Guison posing with SoFa totes.

The Platform Show Manila showcased Filipino talent, creativity and entrepreneurial skills, which, for me, makes it really MORE FUN in the Philippines! The youth has the stage. It is set. All we have to do is take it, create, perform. The Philippines can also be a hub for finding exclusive clothes and creations, and we can also be a symbol of what the next generation can aspire to be.

Jason at the Team Manila booth.

The event also featured Postura Project (a project which aims to encourage Filipinos to wear something Filipino-made everyday), and their photo-walls. Glad they survived 30 days. As it culminated, it started something new, hopefully inspiring a lot more others to do the same.

David, Arriane, Knox and Sarah of Postura Project.


Meet Kaya, Banj and Sarah Meier-Albano, the brains and family behind their newest baby, The Platform Show Manila. Looking forward for more exciting and fun collaborations in the (NEAR) future.

DJ NixDamnP with the music: "Manila, Manila, I keep coming back to Manila..." and KYSS in Makati providing the shots. "Shot and Shop!"


The night before, I pitched the idea of bringing "It's More Fun in the Philippines" placards to accompany all the photo-taking-opportunities. Too bad I wasn't able to prepare stickers to give out. Around 3,000 people dropped by. Imagine that! But anyway, I woke up early, prepared (print and laminate) some signs, and went to Ronac at 12nn to around 6pm to catch the people.



  1. i went there too! weee~ so happy to buy products with discounts ;)

  2. Ang galing naman! Sayang di ko to naabutan.

  3. huhu mahina koneksyon ko di ko makita imagec anyway glad you have fun there

  4. I am near the venue sayang . . . :)) Glad you enjoyed big time!

  5. looking like a very great event..daming discounts dito, anoh?

  6. Too bad I wasn't here that weekend! Great idea to bring the placards ;)



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