Monday, February 20, 2012

Postura Project: Wear Something Filipino Everyday!

Have you heard of the Postura Project? If not, let me tell you about this great project of Arriane Serafico, David Guison, Sarah Meier-Albano and Knox Balbastro. These four geniuses have come together in support of the Filipino clothing and fashion industries by submitting to a creative 30-day challenge to WEAR something FILIPINO everyday!

Arriane Serafico's style is a "maximalist mix of color, sparkle, and fun." David Guison presents a "Grungified street style that's dark and edgy." Sarah Meier sports a "trend-free, ghetto fab, minimalist, bohemian." While Knox Balbastro likes "ethnic Pinoy inspired, creative work wear."

I really love this project that is why I would like to promote it to my friends and readers. It's high time that we go out of our way and appreciate our own. Filipinos and our crafts, after all, are starting to compete, "trend," and be known globally. Boo yeah!

And so, I was challenged by Sarah to try it out. I was quite hesitant because I am not used to taking photos of myself. Instead, it is really the other way around... I take photos of others. But she encouraged me saying, "Just start with one item, Bri! Even if it's something as small as a bracelet, or socks. Kaya mo yan!" And so, I did. Bracelet? Check! :))


Glasses from Zoo York. Red & Blue Checkered Polo from the Thrift Store. Coal Grey Half Lining Herringbone Slim-fit Blazer from Giordano Hong Kong. Grey cotton-suede pants from UNIQLO Hong Kong. Puka Shells Necklace turned Bracelet from Mindoro, Philippines. Imitation Watch from Hong Kong sidewalk.


Philippine map over a military-fatigue "PILIPINAS" Canvass Bag from Collezione C2. Shoes from Boxfresh.


2 pieces. The bracelet and the bag. Whew, I cannot believe I did it! :)) So there, you can collaborate with Postura Project, and submit your own look at the Postura Project Facebook page. I believe this is a great project supporting the Philippines and Filipino-made products. It's a chance to let the world see that Filipinos can be world-class in look and style. Try it out, and see how it goes. :) #PosturaPH


  1. Thanks for blogging. Believe me, it gets easier :D

    1. No problem! :) I hope so :P Good luck Knox!

  2. Why not! I will join this campaign... It's nice to be a Filipino...

  3. I just dropping by to give you G+. But as I read your blog which is about Postura Project, campaigning for Filipino to wear Filipino clothing and fashion. What comes first to mind is the noted Philippine wear like Barong-barong Tagalog, Tapis and Bandana, but I'm wrong. It's all about Philippine made products. As I see from the pictures of what you wear, they're adopted from Western country. This is only my reaction. Nothing something messy. Hope you understand.

    1. Thanks Gil. It's all about anything and everything Filipino, not just Barong Tagalog (because you don't wear that everyday, right? Unless you do, that would be fine as well). The campaign is about wearing anything Filipino. At this day and age, where people want to follow the latest trends, they tend to discount the fact that we have Filipino talents in the Philippines. There are likes of the designers, labels, to the ordinary mananahi or sapatero. It's a campaign to appreciate your own, simply. :)

      Thanks again.

  4. Nice Outfit :)

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