Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Starbucks 2012 Christmas Holiday Treats! :)

Besides the much awaited release of the 2012 Starbucks Planners in the Philippines, and the 10 new Starbucks Christmas Holiday Food Items, Starbucks Philippines brings back its Christmas beverages and 5 Returning Favorites to its stores just for you. These yummy treats are simply irresistible!

Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha (NEW!) - A flavorful new holiday beverage, the Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha, is the perfect sweet treat to sip during this season. Starbucks® signature espresso is combined with freshly steamed milk and luscious white chocolate, then topped with whipped cream, a tart cranberry drizzle and crystallized cranberry sugar.

Peppermint Mocha - Peppermint fans, this one is for you! Enjoy the warm combination of espresso, steamed milk, bittersweet chocolate and peppermint flavor in this seasonal favorite. Topped with classic whipped cream and red sugar sprinkles, the Peppermint Mocha is brimming with Christmas cheer that is sure to please the palate.

Toffee Nut Latte - Back by popular demand, the Toffee Nut Latte has the rich, buttery flavor of sweet toffee combined with toasted nuts, blended with our smooth espresso and velvety steamed milk. Topped with whipped cream and toffee-flavored sprinkles, it’s no surprise that this warm, heavenly beverage is sure to put you in the mood for Christmas.


Chocolate Toffee Nut Loaf (₱ 55 slice / ₱ 495 whole) - Christmas will never be the same without this intense rich, moist and dense chocolate loaf frosted with smooth chocolate icing and topped with chewy, crunchy toffee. A great Christmas treat for all chocolate lovers.


White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie
(₱ 55) - Big and chunky, chewy and crunchy. This cookie has it all and will draw the crowds with chunky white chocolate, fresh roasted walnuts and chopped dried cranberries. Perfect for this season!

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie

Molten Chocolate Cake (₱ 120) - Intensely chocolatey, enrobed in moist chocolate sponge cake and filled with dark chocolate and caramel truffle. Served wickedly warm, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with Starbucks caramel sauce. It unleashes a rush of molten chocolate and caramel to your customers’ delight!


Peppermint Brownie
(₱ 75) - A tango of fudgy, chewy chocolate brownie and creamy, smooth peppermint cream cheese filling, then topped with chocolate ganache. It is finished with white, red and green chocolate drizzle and small golden beads for a festive look.

Peppermint Brownie

Gingerbread Cookie (₱ 55) - Very traditional this time of the year and they make wonderful gifts as well. The combination of ginger, allspice and cinnamon makes a cookie that is as fragrant as it is delicious.


Starbucks also brings back the Christmas Cards (₱ 160), which you can give to your family and friends. Words coming from your loved ones are always extra special. This Starbucks Christmas Card comes with a treat, a tall handcrafted Starbucks beverage of choice.


If you are into collecting Starbucks tumblers or items, or simply cannot live without bringing your own coffee or drink to school, office, or anywhere, this one is for you :) The new Starbucks Christmas tumblers are definitely a must have this season.


Spicy, sweet, and perfect when we are together. The Starbucks Christmas Blend (₱ 500) is a full- bodied favorite which combines the liveliness of superb Latin American coffees with the mellow smoothness of Asia-Pacific coffees, but is truly noteworthy for the spicy notes from aged Sumatra beans.


Last but definitely not the least, my favorite, the Starbucks Reusable Cup Sleeve is definitely a good Christmas gift for coffee lovers. I have been using this since I got it, and it is nice to know that you are helping lessen the waste Starbucks produces by not asking for paper sleeves for your drinks.



  1. How much would the usable coffee sleeve costs? =)

  2. [pinkc00kies]: I know right!? :)

    markpogi: let me check on that one.. hehe

  3. I love the peppermint brownie! Ahhh~ <3

  4. so yummy. i hope that the ham sandwich and chicken/turkey sandwich that they have on the xmas menu doesn't have mayonnaise.. :)

    i hope also the fruit & nut loaf is still available

  5. Hmm. You know what, I can't remember. Though the Texas Chicken BBQ Wrap is sooo yummy! Without Mayo! ;)

  6. how much would a cranberry white chocolate costs?

  7. yep. how much is the cranberry white chocolate mocha? i gotta go buy.



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