Friday, October 28, 2011

2012 Starbucks Planner for the Philippines

The 2012 Starbucks Coffee Planner is now available in the Philippines starting November 3. Starbucks Philippines has been offering the Starbucks Coffee Planner for 9 straight years now. This year, they leveled up their planner offerings with the theme of "Shared Planet," and for the first time, will be available in five unique covers (Poplar, Bamboo, Cherry, Spruce, and Oak).

Starbucks Planner 2012 (1)IMG_3143

Each planner comes with a pouch, a bookmark, and nine different coupons that can be redeemed at all Starbucks stores in the Philippines in 2012. Among the 5 cover designs of the new 2012 Starbucks Planner for the Philippines, I got the color Spurce. It's the second to the darkest among the 5.

Unboxing of the 2012 Starbucks Planner for the Philippines:

The pouch is very useful. It can contain your 2012 Starbucks Planner, and it has two extra pouches inside for your gadgets or money. I tried putting my two phones inside with the planner, and it fits perfectly! :) I like!


These next photos will show of the insides of the new 2012 Starbucks Planner for the Philippines. I am happy that they put back the pages where you can view your whole schedule for the month. Also, I like that they included a Notes page, where you can doodle and write without lines to obstruct your thoughts and ideas. :)


You can avail of the Starbucks Christmas traditions planner promo card and the 2012 Starbucks Planner starting November 3, 2011 and collect stickers from November 3, 2011 to January 8, 2012. One sticker is awarded for each Starbucks beverage purchase. A customer now has two options in collecting stickers to redeem one (1) Limited Edition 2012 Starbucks Coffee Planner.

: Nine (9) Christmas beverages plus eight (8) core beverages except bottled drinks = 17 stickers

OPTION 2: 23 core beverages except bottled drinks = 23 stickers. Now you can opt not to purchase the Starbucks Christmas beverages (fore those who do not want the Starbucks Christmas offerings)

Starbucks Shared Planet

The planner materials used and design reflect this years theme of Starbucks Shared Planet. Starbucks Shared Planet is Starbucks' commitment to doing business in ways that are good to each other and to the planet. Its three pillars include ethical sourcing, environmental stewardship and community involvement. This year's planner supports these through:

Ethical Sourcing - The Starbucks Coffee Planner was produced in a facility that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.
Environmental Stewardship - The inner planner pages are made from 70% recycled paper.
Community Involvement - For every planner redeemed, a donation will be made to SparkHope - Starbucks Philippines' flagship program for early childhood care and development in partnership with UNICEF.

Previous Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee Planner in the Philippines:
2011 Starbucks Coffee Planner
2010 Starbucks Coffee Planner

Thank you to Starbucks Philippines for the event invitation and the FREE 2012 Starbucks Planner for the Philippines :) Mabuhay kayo!


  1. finally a really good one and i noticed its resemblance to this year's starbucks planner korea. good that you got it featured before it will be released on nov 3.

  2. Love the theme!
    I'm getting it just for the pouch and I'll just give the planner to a friend. I'm happy with my doodle pad already. Hahaha.

  3. LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE STARBUCKS KOREA 2011 PLANNER. But I do hope the paper's thicker than the Korean planner. :) Can't wait!

  4. Tis the season to make new friends in line at startbucks.

    For the past 5 years, I've made so much random people happy by giving away my stickers. Can't wait to do it again this year! :D

    Although I have to say, it looks pretty good ah.

  5. dong ho: really good one! :) thanks

    robbie: i love it too!

    Anonymous: The paper's thick, I mean you can easily write down on it :)

    Eileen: That's nice ha! :) Good job!

    Marco: Looks good, functions well too :)

  6. Wow! This is really something to look forward to... :)

  7. Really looks like my Starbucks Korea 2011 planner..

  8. oh, love that planner though it's two years now i don't have any of the planner. i just cant collect all the stickers... :( i will try again to collect this year.

  9. Alexis: So they say... Hmm. Really? :)

    The planner's really cool, cute, and functional :)

  10. What are the dimensions of the planner? :)

  11. Not sure if the planner's smaller this year...or you just have big hands? :))

    What's the size dear?...of the planner. ( Just wanted to clear that )

  12. can we just buy the planner & not collect stickers anymore? the caffeine makes me jerk even when i'm sleeping.. :(

  13. Joanna, CJ: It's around 7 inches :)

    Anonymous: You can opt for the Option 2, buy 23 hot chocolates, or tea?

  14. hi Bong, is that spruce or oak that you got? what's most demanded? i'm a girl but the darker ones appeal more to me. haha =)

  15. hi..i am did you get an event invitation from Starbucks?

  16. really nice! but my friends mentioned that it's smaller compared to the last year's planner. you can't write a lot of stuff as well. but I like the entire concept with a pouch! :D

  17. hi, im the seller of those starbucks korean's their 2012 planner..




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