Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shoe Size 13: Boxfresh Keel Combo

It is sad when all you want is to buy a pair of good shoes for yourself, and yet, almost anywhere you look, they all just have size 11 or 12 as their largest. That is the common scenario when I ask every shoe store what their largest shoe size is. It's really depressing not to have a size that fits you in the Philippines. I tend not to ask at all anymore.

Imagine how happy I was when I finally found this pair that fits me at Res Toe Run. A Boxfresh Keel Combo Black/Blue U.S. Size 13. :) Boxfresh is a British fashion label founded in 1989 by Roger Wade. They are the British streetwear originators.

You know, my shoe-shopping story is like Cinderella; but in this case, it's me trying to find the shoes that will fit me. Yes, I foot is a size 13. So my shoes tend to be size 13 1/2, 14, or sometimes, even 15. You know, they say, the bigger the feet are, the bigger the.....socks needed. Thankfully, I still have socks which fit my feet. ;)


Boxfresh / (n)/ |bäks•-,fresh|
1. Someone or something that is new and cool or innovative in a fashion sense.
2. Originally derived from New York hip-hip slang, describing a new pair of footwear as being ‘fresh out of the box’.



  1. thanks u so much
    a french man;)

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