Friday, January 14, 2011

Epic Boracay Experience with Selecta and Fox International Channels

Fox International Channels and Selecta ice cream partnered in an Epic Boracay Experience with Cool Decadence, a product sampling, launch and competition using the Selecta Gold Series ice cream last December 30 in the island paradise of Boracay. It was held at the newly opened Epic Boracay along Station 2.

Epic Boracay

Earlier that day, these Selecta models were giving out gold tickets which served as entrance to the hottest, rather, coolest ice cream party at the soon to be transformed dessert capital of the Philippines, the island paradise of Boracay. According to Selecta, "Summer may be over but ice cream will always remain a staple in the choice of dessert. Regardless if it’s freezing outside, Filipinos have this fondness of eating ice cream. This is relevant in the wide array of ice cream flavors that is available in the market."

Selecta Models

Selecta Gold Series-inspired cocktails were served during the event and the after-party. Surprisingly, the drinks were really good. :)

Liquor infused with Selecta

The Selecta Gold Series ice cream competition's theme was Island Dessert. Four chefs from 5-star hotels in Boracay were chosen to compete for the said event. Competing were Ti Braz's Chef Christine San Diego, Villa de Oro's Chef Alvin Brillo, The Tides' Chef Jon Tuala, and Courtyard Birstro's Chef Salvador Mupra. Each chef randomly picked a flavor among Vanilla Almond, Chocolate Truffles, Berry Strawberry, and Hazelnut Brownie and has to stick to the theme. Plating was also judged. They were given 15 minutes each to prepare their masterful creations.

Chefs Compete using Selecta Ice cream

One Epic Boracay Experience: Ice Cream Tower in Mango and Caramelized Almond out of the Vanilla Almond flavor was the entry of The Tides’ Chef Eric Arevalo as represented by Chef Jon Tuala.

Selecta Ice Cream Competition

Taste, presentation, and the use of Selecta Gold Series flavor were the basis of judging. 50% of votes came from the judges while the remaining 50 were from the randomly-picked people from the audience. The judges include Fran Haw of Summit Media Philippines, TV personality and a certified ice cream-holic Rovilson Fernandez, and Carlos Palma of FoodieManila.

Bloggers at Epic Boracay

These kids can't wait to party all night long at Epic Boracay get enough of the really yummy ice cream flavors of Selecta ice cream. "Hazelnut Brownie for me!!!" says the little girl. :)))

Kid enjoying ice cream

At the end of the competition, it was Chef Jon Tuala of The Tides who emerged as the winner. With him in this photo are FIC Philippines Territory Director Jude Turcuato and Selecta Brand Manager JC Caro. The chefs were awarded with gift packs and cash prizes.

Selecta - Fox International

Of course, I enjoyed the ice cream myself :) :) :) My favorite is their Vanilla Almond. It's nice to know that it's already available in gold cups, which only costs Php 30 (SRP).
Selecta Gold Cups

DJ Erwin Edralin provided chill out music that kept the crowd and the show lively. The event was hosted by the pretty and bubbly Chinggay Andrada. Various games in between the competition were played and created excitement and hyped up the crowd. They even had celebrities join the games, which created more thrill for the audience. It was even Epic Boracay after-party, as it was a big hit among the crowd. DJ Manolet Dario provided house music which kept the over 400 guests up until 4 a.m.


  1. looked like summer had already come :)

  2. those kids surely are waiting to party all night long. hahaha... looks fun!

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  4. i'd like to experience the party in Boracay .. :)

  5. perfect combination in summertime eating ice cream on a beach,Great !

  6. who's going to boracay in feb 16 2012???

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