Thursday, December 16, 2010

Flapjack's through Quick Delivery

Last week I tried ordering again through Quick Delivery. This time, the restaurant was Flapjacks. Flapjacks is an American all day breakfast place by the Bistro Group of Restaurant Concepts, a collection of international hospitality brands, in the Philippines.


It was nearer to my office, as they are located at Robinsons Place Manila. I dialed through their 2121212 delivery hotline, and placed an order by 10:42am, specifically telling them to deliver my order by 12:00nn. Thankfully, they did arrive around that time, 12:04pm.

Choosing what to order, especially with a menu with a lot of good choices on it, is really hard for me. Good thing, when using the Quick Delivery service, you can ask the customer service agent of the bestsellers of the restaurant you are ordering from. I did, and so, I got Country Fried Chicken Breast, Chicken Stuffed Parmagiana and the Original Hash Brown burger for lunch. I invited my friends to join me.


FlapJacks Food Order

2 pcs. Country Fried Chicken Breast (P355.00) - Crispy, golden fried chicken breast served with creamy gravy, herb rice and French fries.


Chicken Stuffed Parmagiana (P285.00) - Tender chicken breast, stuffed with fresh cheddar cheese, breaded then fried, topped on a bed of linguine pasta and marinara sauce


The Original Hash Brown (P355.00) - US Angus beef patty with fresh tomatoes and lettuce, topped with hash brown and American cheese


I find the food and the quality to be good. Although of course it’s not the same as when you are ordering it in the restaurant, the quality and taste of the food is comparable. Personally, I like the Original Hash Brown burger. It’s big, tasty and really filling. The idea of putting hash brown with the beef patty worked well for me.

Photos by Yuri of Lost Tsinelas

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