Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Senator TG Guingona asks for solutions to the illegal numbers game Jueteng

I love how Senator TG Guingona uses new media, specifically Youtube, Twitter and Facebook in bringing the Senate closer to the people. It gives the Filipino people a glimpse of what really happens in the Senate, and what Senators do. It opens an avenue where the people can really participate in legislation, through their comments, opinions and violent reactions, which will be part of the legislative solutions Senators do. I hope Speaker Sonny Belmonte does the same (Hi Apryll and Nad). That would be really really great! :)

This TGTV video above discussed about proposed solutions for Jueteng. Sen. Guingona elaborates them as 1.) Strengthen Small Time Lottery (STL) of the PCSO, 2.) Just legalize Jueteng, once and for all, and 3.) Leave it up to the Local Government Units (LGU) if they want to legalize it or not.

Now, I do not know how Jueteng works as well as others do. In fact, maybe the knowledge I have of it extends only to what I saw in the award-winning film Kubrador, and what the news bits have to say (which is very limited) about it. I think it is important to create awareness among the people of what Jueteng truly is and what is the problem about it. It is also important to involve the people (or at least those who are concerned) in crafting solutions to it. I think the best people to ask what can be done about it is those people who actually engage in Jueteng. Involve them to create better options for them to uplift their lives, and not just rely on the illegal numbers game. Let's find out what they have to say about these solutions. What are we trying to solve? Jueteng only? Or should it extend to solving why these people engage in Jueteng? Some thoughts.

As a student of public administration and of good governance, our former dean Alex Brillantes told us to always be aware and always keep an open mind, ask questions, then find the right solutions to problems we encounter. I don't think leaving it up to the local governments would be the right solution. I think a partnership of both national and local government would be better. I think that legalizing Jueteng can be looked into, but it doesn't really solve the root problem, which is already in the mindsets of the people. I think that strengthening STL also doesn't solve it. We need to change mindsets, give other options, and discipline people.

I think when the Filipino people's mind is fully aware of the problems, and government engages them, then can we find the best solutions to the problem. Or, if that doesn't work, the government must sometimes have an iron hand in implementing strategic and desired solutions based on a larger national interest for the people. We shouldn't spoon feed, we should teach and enable.

What do you think? Leave some comments, would you?


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