Friday, September 10, 2010

Try Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Frozen Swirl on the House

I've tried Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Frozen Swirl once since it debuted in the Philippine market. I tried the Affogato or the Caramel Affogato, I'm not really sure. The yogurt's good, but the combination of the espresso and the yogurt really didn't mix well for me. I think it's time to try another flavor, and maybe it will be better now. Here's a coupon you can use this Sunday. Try CBTL's Frozen Swirl on the house. :)


  1. i've been wanting to try cbtl's yogurt!!! kaya lang i havent had the chance pa :-( tapos the cbtl in la salle doesnt offer it yet. one day soon i will try!!!

  2. grab this chance na! it's free o! :)

  3. how about at UP Technohub?...bket ndi avail sknila ang free frozen swirl?...

  4. sayang. im too late... ngaun ko lng to nabsa. sayang tlga hehe



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