Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kentucky Fried Chicken's California Maki Twister

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Philippines recently launched it's limited edition California Maki Twister. At first it may sound weird, but trust me, it tastes good. It's a fresh take on the California Maki. Imagine your favorite California Maki (Cucumber, Mango, and Japanese Mayo) and KFC's famous chicken. Yummy. My brother says that it has hints of wasabi, but he's not really so sure. Maybe he's just imagining things. He apparently liked it very much, but I would say that he likes whatever KFC offers. Hehehe.


  1. Hey Bong, nice header!

    Anyway, how is the serving size? And the chicken?
    I've sadly been let down by KFC's recent offerings because the servings are bite-size (the whole meal in one bite-sized piece) and the chicken is kind of dry.

    So I've just really sticked with spicy-chicken-macaroni-gravy. :))

  2. Ok naman! :) Chicken was good. It could be better. Serving's good for a person.

  3. i saw this few days ago but it didn't catch my attention. i am not much of japanese food fan. but i guess, i better give it a try this time.

  4. Loved it the first time I tried it. :) Good product if I may say so.

  5. I also tasted the wasabi in it. I think its cucomber that was flavored with wasabi. but it's not spicy but it is surely delicious

  6. This is my all time favorite from KFC! I have it everytime I visit.

  7. it's the best twister ever! am also a big maki fan.. so, maybe, it had something to do with that ;)



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