Monday, June 28, 2010

Scramble in Megamall Food Court

I was introduced by my best fried to Scramble, a popular street food found in the Philippines. I really didn't know what it was until I saw it, and tasted it. It's made of "sweetened shaved ice served in a paper or plastic cup, drizzled with milk and chocolate syrup, and eaten with a wooden popsicle stick." This time, we didn't eat it from the streets, we found the popular treat in SM Megamall.

The smallest cup costs Php 10, medium costs Php 14, while the large one costs Php 17. You may add additional toppings (chocolate sprinkles, candy sprinkles, powdered milk, tapioca balls or sago, or mallows) for Php 3 each. I love how the taste mixes with all that's in it. For something cheap and yummy, I would go for this dessert anytime! :)

Photo-op! Enjoying every mouthful of the Scramble :P


  1. Hoy! That was my first time too!!! DELICIOUS!

  2. Ah really? Cool! I thought it wasn't your first time! :))

  3. oh my! brings back memories! i used to buy that without my mom knowing :-) btw, what is your take on Pao Express? is their siopao really good? just thought i'd ask coz you were in megamall...thanks, heart

  4. Sneaky! hahaha! I actually haven't tried Pao Express yet. Will let you know. :) Thanks for the comment

  5. Back in the days you can only buy scramble in front of the school during recess time. Now they are everywhere in the malls supermarkets and even on mrt or lrt station.



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