Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ong's Association at Annapolis Seafood Garden

It's the last time I am receiving this award from the Ong's Association. After all, I already graduated from my studies. So much for the yearly award with "remuneration." :))) Now, it's a fresh start and brand new life all together. On one part, I am sure I will miss school, but on the other, I am glad that I am starting to work and earn for the future.

Being the food blogger that I am, of course I took photos of the food served during the occasion. I will post them in a separate blog entry :)


  1. Hmm. Meron pa pala maski college? Why didn't I receive an award when I graduated from DLSU? :(

  2. LOL, yeah, how I wish I was active in our ass'n back then, didn't receive any angpaos for being good at school--- cause I didn't knew there was such until I registered myself, last year. LOL

  3. Ong din ako ah bakit di ako kasali dyn.. di ko mabasa nakasulat kaunti lng alam ko sa chinese hehe!



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