Sunday, May 9, 2010

juanvote for the Philippines

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#JUANVOTE is the first ever social media coverage of the Philippine Elections by the citizens. Blogwatch.PH, and Global News Network (GNN), together with the Philippine Online Chronicles, Reklamotion, Code Radio, Vote Report Philippines 2010, Worker's Electoral Watch, Gameops, TXTPower, RockEd Radio, Cebu Bloggers Society, and Global Destiny will make this dream happen.

So what is #juanvote?

"Filipino netizens formed #juanvote network to monitor elections online. The country's internet users have come together to form a network to keep a close watch on the May 10, 2010 elections. The name #juanvote is used because, the network calls on citizens to use hi-tech means to expose and hopefully thwart electoral fraud and violence. The #juanvote also aims to document the country's first nationwide automated elections," says Noemi Dado, project editor of Blogwatch.

#juanvote challenges all Filipino netizens to be champions of Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Elections by taking action on May 10. This May 10 we would have two “firsts”: The first nationwide automated elections, and the first social media coverage to be mounted by citizens.

We must not just vote: We must use all our powers as social media users to help others vote and to guard the vote. Armed with our cellphones, digital cameras, and social media tools, we can make a difference.

This simple guide aims to empower us with knowledge on what, when and how to report.

Pinoy Netizens Guide to May 10 by #juanvote

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