Monday, May 10, 2010

I am voting this May 10, 2010. You should too!

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May 10, 2010, the day everyone's waiting for or dreading about - take your pick. It's Election day again for the Philippines, and the next administration and the next set of leaders would spell our future in this fast paced and flattening world caused by globalization and the changing needs of the times.

What's in it for me? What's in it for the Filipino people and the Philippines? That's the first and foremost question/s my mind is thinking right now; and this question/s resounded even through the process I did choosing the candidates who deserve my vote.

At first, I really wanted to blog about my President and Vice-President, together with my Senatorial Candidates, but I later thought, what difference will my post make, when most probably they're all decided already anyway? My close friends know whom I will vote for, and let's keep it at that.

We were supposed to run for the Presidency, but in the end, it didn't happen. It's not time, they said. Funny, this elections shouldn't be about who is running or who will eventually win. At least for me, that's not the most important consideration we should look at or dwell on. It's about moving forward and moving on together; after all we're not the Liberal Country or the Nationalista Country, neither are we the PMP, Bagumbayan, or Lakas-Kampi-CMD Country, we're the Philippines - a country with so much richness of different resources.

This election has left dents and bruises among people. It might be true that it's the dirtiest elections. At least in my lifetime as of yet, I think I have to agree with that. I have friends from different camps, and I would not like to add more to what is between and among them.

So, I would rather abstain telling you, dear readers, who to vote for as President or Vice-President. I know that you've followed the candidates, the election fever, closely. I am sure you've seen and decided in you whom you'll vote. I respect that. We may not have the same candidates, but heck, whoever wins, we must help each other move to where we want our country and our people to go.

As for the Senators. Fine, I think there's no harm in publishing whom I'll give my vote to, since there are 12 slots anyway. And so, here of 1:00am of May 10, I am voting for NERIC ACOSTA #1, RUFFY BIAZON #7, PIA CAYETANO #10, MIRIAM DEFENSOR-SANTIAGO #13, TG GUINGONA #19, RISA HONTIVEROS-BARAQUEL #20, YASMIN LAO #26, DANNY LIM #28, TOOTS OPLE #38, SERGE OSMENA #40, GILBERT REMULLA #49 and I voting for KAAKBAY #151 for Partylist.

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With Senator Pia Cayetano in our Blogwatch interview during the campaign season. I think she deserves to be #1 today. I dare say that we don't deserve Bong Revilla as our #1 Senator, please. Let's make Pia #1! :)


  1. Bong, please vote for Alex Lacson as your 12th senator =)

  2. seriously thinking about it, but he's not in line with issues I support kasi...

  3. Great! Go Susan Ople! :p

  4. oo nga, alex lacson :) hehe.
    nagulat ako kay guingona at lim :P

  5. Guingona, I need a senator who understand the budget really well. I am for budget reforms. He is too.

  6. i read that if you dont complete the 12. the machine might not read it...



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