Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's summer, so have a Fling!

Before heading to our destination, Taal View Heights, in Talisay Batagas for the Philippine Blog Awards strat-planning, we stopped over in Tagaytay to indulge in a semi-food-trip and glutton over Bag of Beans, Fling and Buon Giorno over at Cliffhouse in Tagaytay City.

Bag of Beans was our first destination, our "pre-pre-lunch," as my fellow bloggers suggested. I just had a cup of brewed coffee and hash brown. After Bag of Beans, we headed to Cliffhouse to have Fling, which is famous for its frozen yogurt.

I had a casual (Php 85) Fling with apples on top (+Php25) which costs Php 110 in total. The apples were sort of Flambé, minus the alcohol, and placed on top of the Froyo. The base yogurt wasn't as sweet as all the froyos I have tasted (which is good for me), while the sauteed apples were a bit tangy, which contrasted with the yogurt. It was a yummy dessert - I love it! :)


This was what Juned got - the topping is quite like Mochi, or what the saleslady says to be like "bilo-bilo," or rice balls.




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