Sunday, November 1, 2009

Globe Tattoo Wireless Internet Broadband Tips

Globe Telecom's Globe Tattoo Broadband has been extensively advertised all over the radio, television and print ads for quite some time now. I personally have been seeing a lot of people using this device to connect to the internet, and have been saying good things about it. While searching about Globe Tattoo Broadband Internet, I found some really helpful tips every user should know.

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For all of you, I would like to share with you what this mobile internet is really capable of doing and how it works. The Globe Tattoo Broadband is a mobile internet USB stick that poses as a modem so that users can access the Web anywhere, anytime they please. It's that convenient.

However, surfing speed in the internet using this gadget varies from where you are when you are using it, and what type of signal your Tattoo is connected to. "Connecting via 3G and High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) of course enables you to surf at high speeds."

Some tips on using your Globe Tattoo more effectively (as Cher shares in her blog):

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Check if your area is included in the HSDPA listing. This will save you a lot of frustrations and calling up the customer service from time to time. As a reference of the variable internet speeds depending on the signal, here's a screen shot of the chart from the Globe Tattoo's official site.

If you're going to be spending several hours just browsing or downloading media, it's better to set your browsing status to Time-based. The setting for all Globe Tattoo SIMS by default is Time-based. You will be charged Php5.00 for 15 minutes.

If you're just going to quickly check an email or a site, set your browsing status to a "Per-KB" browsing. You will be charged only 15 centavos per kilobyte. To switch from Time-based to Per-KB browsing just text KB to 1111 using your Globe Tattoo SIM.

To check your default browsing, text STATUS to 1111.
Do not worry because there's one for everyone! Check out these Globe Tattoo Broadband New Skins and pick the best one that best suits your personality and style.

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For more, if you have the talent in art and designing, why not show it off? "Dazzle us with your design sense and see how the YOUniverse will rate your creation." Upload your personally designed Globe Tattoo sticks at the Globe Tattoo Broadband Gallery. Globe will be awarding P5000 to the best designs. The winners also get the chance of seeing their work produced on to actual Globe Tattoo USB skins. Now, isn't that great? :)


  1. Thinking of getting one.. ur post helps :) thanks!

  2. Smart Bro plug it is now 995 with reviews & suggestions and speeds, open line modem, manual, antenna connections to improve signal

    Globe Tattoo plug it is now 895 & suggestions and speeds reviews, open line to use on all services, where to buy antenna, how to unlock Globe has an unlimited plan now for P2000 and a day plan for P20 limited surfing

    Another alternative is SMART Bro Share it with antenna connection possible, read the reviews, manual, where to buy antenna or unlimited surfing on their USB plug it for P1500 a month.

    You can get the Globe usb or the SUN usb unlocked read more about it at my plug it sites above to use with any sim.


    Sun just finally met the competition a little by now offering 180 free for 30 days when you buy their 1895 usb plug it modem. Smart now offers modem for 999 and Globe for 895 And now SUN has announced a 50 peso load for all day surfing such a deal if your in area that SUN is decent.

  3. Globe is slow (daw).

    Smart is the same.

    I was pleased by Sun since it's rather fast (as of the moment).
    But it still has a tendency of reverting to zero traffic.
    And obviously, there's the problem of procuring a Sun cellular signal.

  4. I think Globe's signal is strongest in Makati area.

  5. loving it,would like to try when i go for holiday in philippines...

  6. would like to know how much for this foxy gadgets please,from london

  7. hi, i found a new website that has unlimited text to all network here's the site



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