Monday, August 3, 2009

Arroyo's Interview with Maria Bartiromo of CNBC New York

We all heard about the "historical" trip of PGMA, as the first South-East Asian leader to meet US President Obama. That meeting, I shall leave out of this post. Instead, a day after that meeting, we all know also that an international icon of democracy, President Corazon C. Aquino, passed away.

While this was all happening, people can't help but ask what steps would Arroyo take in all of these? Through a video, she sent her condolences, and issued 10 days of mourning. Later on she declared Aug 5 as a special non-working holiday for Aquino's burial. But in spite of that, people are asking "So, what's keeping her from taking the next plane trip back to the Philippines?"

They say that a Presidential adviser who's close to the Aquino family is advising the President to honor all her commitments instead of taking the next flight back. Is it because of the fear of an unpopular president being gobbled by a very popular Filipino citizen? You decide.

Apparently, she took that advise, but made a spin in the media that she's coming home immediately, this Aug 5, and is scheduled to attemd the last day of President Aquino's burial at the Manila Cathedral. Now, the question is that how will the Aquino's and the people receive GMA? Will she even push through? We'll see.

In that period when Aquino died to now, she did this interview with CNBC about the Philippines, and issues in and around our country; so without further ado, here it is (you judge).

P.S. BPO and Tourism aren't really sustainable means to drive our economy, so why, Mrs. President, are you so proud and boast them internationally. Isip-isip ko, baka pinagtatawanan tayo ng buong mundo, sadly. :( IMHO, we should shift to national industrialization.

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  1. she might not be the best president but i think the work she's done has allowed RP to avoid the worst of the recession.



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