Thursday, July 2, 2009

Talakayan 20.10: Forum on Education Reform


Talakayan 2010, an issue-based forum by the Movement for Good Governance (MGG) that aims to tackle pressing issues of our nation today on Education, Governance, Economy, Health, etc, started yesterday at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) with guests Senator Chiz Escudero, Senator Dick Gordon, Isabella Governor Grace Padaca and Mr. Nicanor Perlas.

The topic of the forum was of Education. They invited the Philippine Business for Education and Education Nation to articulate the present environment and situation of our Education in the Philippines.

Even before entering the room, guests were asked to drop a poker-chip in the box representing the candidate he or she would vote for right there and then, even before hearing them.

Participants were given each of the guests’ profiles. They were free to ask any question related to the topic during the forum. At the end of the forum, guests were asked to rate the guests according to the scorecard given.

The next forum would be on August 06, and it will be on the Philippine Economy, with the Makati Business Club and the Management Association of the Philippines. For more details log on to their website at


  1. lagay ka ng watermark bong para di na masteal pics mo

  2. I was able to watch it. I like Chiz' proposal regarding a portion of one's ITR going to education or health.

    Good idea!

  3. hi, are there videos on these fora available online? please email me



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