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What Ateneans think of HR 1109 - An Ateneo Statistics Circle Study

The following note is an independent study of the Ateneo Statistics Circle on HR 1109 and CHA-CHA

Ateneo Statistics Circle

HR 1109 and Charter Change

Ateneo Statistics Circle
Research and Consultancy Department

A survey was conducted to Ateneo students with regard to the passing of House Resolution 1109 and amending the constitution. The objectives of the study are as follows:

(1) To determine whether Ateneans believe that amending the constitution is necessary.

(2) To determine the Ateneans’ view regarding the primary purpose of pushing Charter Change now

(3) To determine whether Ateneans would want to shorten, lengthen or not change the terms of the following officials: President, Vice President, Senators and Congressmen.

The survey was conducted for 3 days over June 16 to 18, 2009 using self-administered surveys of 367 Ateneo students. The number of students per year level per school was in proportion to the total population of school year 2008-09.


The results show that 55.0% of the respondents are aware that HR 1109 has recently been passed on June 2, 2009. 65.8% of these people do not agree with the passing of the house resolution while only 11.4% express agreement. Moreover, the results show that 22.8% are undecided. Results continue to show negative popularity of the resolution as 65.8% of those who are aware of the HR 1109 passage think that its primary purpose is to extend the terms of the incumbent officials. A good proportion of 19.3% think it is for improvement of the political system of the country while 10.4% believe it is for creation of economic reforms.

The survey also asked students whether they will support amending the Constitution or Charter Change after the 2010 elections. 43.9% of the sample says that they are undecided of their stand come Cha-cha in the future. 34.3% disagree with supporting Cha-cha while only 21.8% agree. The results also show that of the 367 respondents, 15.5% do not agree with Charter Change right now and in the future (after elections) while 10.1% do not agree with Cha-cha at this time but will support it after the elections. 5.2% support Cha-cha anytime; that is, now or in the future.

Lastly, the Ateneans were also asked whether they prefer to shorten, lengthen or have the terms of government officials as it is. The question was asked for the president, vice president, senators and congressmen respectively. For all officials, it is preferred that their terms remain as it is. 70.0% agree to retain the president’s six years, no re-election and the vice president’s six years, one re-election terms. 68.4% do not want a change in terms for the Senators which is six years and one re- election. 67.8% prefer the same term for a congressman which is three years and two re-elections.

Ryan Fang Uy
Management Honors 2011
President, Ateneo Statistics Circle

"May Issue Kami"
Issue and Policy Analysis Cluster
Council of the Organizations of the Ateneo

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