Tuesday, June 9, 2009

USC calls Iskolars ng Bayan and the Filipino people to Join Protest Actions


Earlier today, the USC went around the UP Diliman dorms to invite dormers and fellow iskolars ng bayan to attend the press conference at 1pm in Quezon Hall, and the protest actions following thereafter in either Makati or Katipunan against GMA's Charter Change moves.

You may read here the official statement of the UPD University Student Council regarding this matter: http://updusc.multiply.com/journal/item/3

For immediate dissemination (please pass):

The UPD University Student Council invites every iskolar ng bayan, and the Filipino people, to participate in protests tomorrow against GMA's ConAss. There will be a press conference tomorrow 1pm at the Quezon Hall, UP Diliman. We will go to Makati after to join other groups. Students may also go to TindigNation, a protest concert and mass action along Katipunan with ADMU, Miriam and UP students, farmers and other groups. Tayo'y tumindig at magkaisa laban sa ChaCha ni Gloria! Junk Con-Ass, Oust GMA!


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