Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ako Mismo Dog Tag Day

Earlier today, Ako Mismo left posters and Dog Tags in the University Student Council, and asked us to invite people to the June 12 Dog Tag Day/ Concert of Ako Mismo. As a council, I doubt that we will be able to agree upon promoting the said event; though, I think that they've given the same letter and invites to organizations around UP-Diliman. My sentiments stay the same, no one has cleared it up to me yet. Also, there are rumors that circulate saying that Vice President Noli de Castro has something to do with the campaign; besides that of an inside source from PLDT who says that it's their project to increase their subscribers. Again, the call is really good and noble, but I have my own qualms regarding this. Regardless, kudos and good luck! I might drop by the concert. :)

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  1. Gimme! HAHAHA kahit na di ko rin nga siya gusto :))

  2. OH! THIS IS THE DAY!!! =)) I'd ask people to get one for me :>

  3. @Thea: Ngek. lol :P

    @Lorenz: yup2! :D tomorrow's the concert.. i'm still thinking whether to go or not..

  4. Waa I want one. I couldn't go because it was my sister's debut.Now i have to wait longer just to get a dog tag.

    *Dog tags will be available this coming July 2009. It was launched last June 12 at Taguig. See my post about this.

  5. limited editon dog tag give away at my blog!! :D



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