Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rats and Rants: Causeway and Jayross Experience

Last Sunday was mothers day. We ate out at Causeway Banawe in Quezon City at around 8pm. To our surprise, and the surprise of other more customers, a big rat showed up on the ledge surrounding the ceiling. Luckily it wasn't any near above our table. Luckily the customers directly underneath the ceiling where the rat was didn't complain. But end all, it was freaky and really really unacceptable of Causeway Banawe to house pests in their restaurant. You can only imagine where the rat had been all day before that?

On other news, the conductor of the JAYROSS BUS with license plate number TXU 790 north bound from Pasay-Makati area to Fairview-Tungko area didn't give me a student price despite showing him my OJT identification card issued by the Board of Investments and my University of the Philippines school identification card at around 7pm yesterday. He was asking for my receipt of enrollment (in my case, my Form5); but who brings their receipt of enrollment everyday? In my longest time commuting, especially on JAYROSS LUCKY 7 buses (most of the time), it was my first time treated this way. It was company policy according to the conductor. Remind me to inquire on the matter to the appropriate government office. For now, I am BOYCOTTING JAYROSS BUSES.


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  1. According to the LTFRB Guidelines --

    x x x

    10. Students are entitled to a student fare discount for PUB and PUJ services... EVERYDAY, during school days, upon presentation of their ID cards or registration cards, both duly validated by their schools, bearing their pictures with their names and schools indicated therein.

    x x x

    Walang nakalagay na kailangan ng receipt of enrollment. And the company cannot impose additional requirements since the guideline is clear.

  2. @sjsanjuan exactly! argh! thanks for the info

    @spanx i know right?! hahahaha

  3. tsk3.. hanep..d lng basta insects... A big Rat!!..hahahaha...caught on video pa...hahaha..sisikat n ung daga :D...

    Sa G Liner din minsan gnun sila...tpos every saturday or sunday d dn sila ngbbigay ng discount!... :D...

  4. This is why the Philippines is still a progressive country. For us to blog about this is liberating.

  5. Mga Bastos ang mga tao sa opisina ng Jayross Lucky 7 Tours. Nagrereklamo ako tungkol sa bastos na kunduktor na minura ako kagabi sa harap ng mga tao, yung mga tao sa opisina nila minura din ako at sinigawan. Ilalabas ko sa lahat ng uri ng media ang naranasan ko.



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