Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bayan Wireless Landline Experience

In this day and age, communication and communicating with people is vital. Everyday, you communicate in various settings (in school, in your work, in the family, etc.) with different people from all walks (your friends, classmates, etc.) to get things done.

I, together with some friends, had the privilege of having to try out the much talked about Bayan Wireless landline for weeks now. As Tiffy said, it's really awesome having a landline with you everywhere you go. This is true, especially when my parents want to know where I am, or what time I'll be home, it's very easy for them to call me from home.


But for me, there are other reasons why I love the Bayan Wireless landline besides being reachable anytime, it's because I get to cut costs on my cellphone bill, play my favorite FM station with the headset provided with it, play games (but don't expect much), send text messages too. The phone also comes with other settings, such as an alarm, calendar, calculator, stopwatch among others. Now, isn't that great? ^^ If you want to know the rates and some two-cents about the service, you can visit Jayvee's On Bayan Telecommunications Wireless Landline Service.

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  1. tuwang tuwa ako sa bayantel span!!! kasi kahit san sa bahay pwede dahil sa bahay! at 2 years na ako subscriber nila :D sobra sayang hehehe...

  2. it sure does perform well in Manila! though when I went to Tagaytay, there was no signal :(

  3. take down that picture!!! now!!! omg is that what it looks like?? why didn't anyone tell me???

  4. too bad we can only get signal from our garage. we ditched the service since we can't get good reception here in our home. it does perform well in manila but not in all places. they need more cellsites i guess. :D

  5. i went to tagaytay and no signal there..

  6. i went but didn't arrive,,, la lang.. para may ma post.. hehehehe



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