Sunday, December 28, 2008

Reports on DAR cheif's son, Mayor Nasser Pangandaman's Assult on Father & Son at Valley Golf & Country Club Antipolo

Since Bambee, daughter of Delfin De La Paz, had blogged about the alleged mauling incident of the Department of Agrarian Reform cheif's son, Lanao del Sur Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr., and his armed bodyguards last Friday at the Valley Golf & Country Club in Antipolo over golfing etiquette, a lot of bloggers sympathized and joined in to alert the public and call for justice for the family.

My former teacher Beverly Natividad wrote about the incident over at, and in today's Inquirer bulletin.

Senator Pia Cayetano has read about the incident on Tita Noemi's blog, and hopefully everyone gets to know about this mess too!

In the UP National College of Public Administration, Dean Alex Brillantes has always told us that while studying Public Administration, the government and its systems, it's essential that we see these disparities and irregularities, and question them.

He said it's okay to get frustrated, to get angry, and mad about it. But in the end, we must translate that anger into something positive, something action-oriented, something that would change that inequality.

In this case, this alleged remorseless and unstatesmanlike actions of the Mayor and the inaction of a cabinet official must be dealt with severely if proven so. Hold the people responsible accountable for their actions or inactions!

Updates of Bambee on her blog. With the Pangandamans not taking accountability, and this incident obviously lacking transparency, I am 100% certain that more and more bloggers and sympathizers will continue to post, and repost a thing or two about this.

UPDATE: Secretary Pangandaman's side of the story as reported by

Animals beware!

Links I got from Ade Magnaye's blog, and others:

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  1. I thought these people swore to help the Filipino people. I suppose we are wrong. These power hungry people doesn’t care about Filipinos. The barely "respect" anyone as evidenced by their behavior. So what if they don’t know of him? Do they seriously expect every filipino to know the names of everyone in gov't. Absolutely foolist - but then again - He is famous now...just not because he is a true sportsman, a gentleman, respectful, with integrity and honor but one that is most repulsive to the human race.



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