Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Tangerine Tree is still alive

This started way way back when I was still a little boy (according to my parents), they became known because of their really yummy Food For The Gods. It was a surprise for me and my parents to see that they have grown and became more successful today.

Tangerine Tree
Tangerine Tree :3

Right now, they have more products besides their FFTG. (Clockwise from L-R: Butter Royale, Fruits and Nuts, Choco Chum, Food for the Gods)
Tangerine Tree Goodies

After tasting all of the products, my family have agreed that it's still their Food for the Gods which ranks #1 among the 4 treats, follwed by the Fruits and Nuts, then the Choco Chum, and lastly the Butter Royale. In my opinion, I really can't decide between the FFTG and the Fruits and Nuts, but one thing's for sure, I like the Butter Royale the least.
Tangerine Tree Goodies

Tangerine Tree | #43 10th Street Magdalena Rolling Hills Subd. New Manila, QC | Tel No. 722-06-34

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  1. Oooh~ I love those~! <3 <3 <3 We use to have them all the time when it's Christmas, but it seems like no one gave us any this year. :(

  2. do you have any outlet or store where we can buy tangerine tree?

  3. I love FFTG too! good job to you guys! ;) happy holidays! :)



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