Thursday, December 11, 2008

Superbong's Superbowl Super Adventure


We were asked to design plain white bowls (using markers and colored glues). Don, my friend, designed this very nice Star Wars/ Battle Star Galactica/ Star Trek meets ET and what not alien films inspired piece -- isn't it cool?!


But this event wasn't just about designing bowls; instead, it was about the new addition to Superbowl's menu (available this Christmas season). This is the head chef on Trinoma Branch, working with fire in the kitchen.


And this piece of baby is my favorite among the 4 different kinds of new addition to the menu. This picture is the Lechon Macau (deep fried pork belly cutlets with select Chinese spices, served with Hoisin sauce on the side). Delicious!


Thea and I munching on the Tao Sa Pao

Thanks a lot to Merryan Jim for the Pictures

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  1. aliw ang bowl mo! =)

  2. Ahaha~ Cute picture! looks like you really enjoyed that Tao Sa Pao. xDDD

  3. @Achi: Thanks to Merryan and her trusty DSLR! :) hehe... oh yeah.. it was real hot when they served, sooo...yum!

    @Jonel: Don ManDy made that ^^ galing noh?

  4. I will own a DSLR one day. >.<;;; The new dish looks good too. It's been a while since we last ate in Superbowl. Better bug the family on Sunday. :3

  5. I, too, will own a DSLR one day. Sana this month! :D Yeah! There are 2 more dishes not in the pics, but equally yummmy! The Crispy Mandarin Chicken, and the Seafood Chopsuey



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