Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Something Cute: Sanrio Yummies Cooking Contest

I previously posted about the Sanriotown Yummies Contest, now here's the full details of the cooking contest.


1. Competition starts on HKT December 22, 2008 and ends on February 17, 2009

2. Winners will be selected by SanrioTown

3. All selections are final

4. SanrioTown reserves the right to use texts and images of all Participating Entries for promotion purposes

5. SanrioTown reserves the right to change the conditions of this competition at its own discretion

6. Sanriotown reserves the right to extend or terminate the competition at its own discretion

7. Each entry must include at least one picture taken personally by the SanrioTown members

8. URL address of Sanrio Yummies Blog ( must be shown in each entry

9. Members can submit as many entries as desired and all entries will be considered by SanrioTown as long as it meets all the guidelines

10. Should you have any questions, please email

So if you're a foodie, a cook, or passionate about Hello Kitty and about Sanriotown, why not join? :) It should be fun!

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  1. Heyyy this is kinda cool. I should try making something. :D

  2. Yeah! Totally! Why not join, right? :D good luck and have fun!



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