Monday, July 21, 2008

Magic Frappuccino

It was really hot and humid when I arrived home from a full day's work in UP. Also, I was kind of hungry, so I decided to get creative with some food that will make me feel a little bit cooler. And since we store our milk in the freezer after use, I know that the milk's frozen already. With almost one-fourth of the carton left, I decided to use all of the frozen milk for this little experiment.

I got the Swiss Delice classique noir extra fin (dark chocolate), and broke almost half of the bar into squares. I placed the little pieces of chocolate in a mug, then added a small piece of frozen milk. I heated the mug for 1 minute in the microwave. Tada! It melted.

Since it's all hot and in liquid form, I got the frozen milk, which I crushed with my fork and knife earlier, and poured it all into the mug. I thoroughly stirred the crushed milk with the hot chocolate. The chocolate froze back into its solid form, but this time, it's now solidified in tidbit form.

Presto! Instant Frappuccino-like drink that is absolutely yummy. :)


  1. here's an idea. you can also try to blend them all together instead of crushing the frozen milk with your knives and forks (less dangerous pa :P) (that is, if your blender can take in ice :P)

    looks interesting. :P I might share my cousin's instant-yema recipe... just have to remember how to make it though... >.<

  2. pen
    really thought of doing that but i was just too lazy to get the blender, plug it, and operate it. it'll be more messy.. i don't want to clean up after. :))

    thanks. go share! :D remember! :))



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