Wednesday, June 4, 2008

To Hell and back for Stat101

I arrived in NCPAG yesterday around 8:30 am, just in time for 9am opening. Barbie was there, and she saved me a seat beside her, near the front. There were a lot of people already - really noisy, and giddy perhaps, while others were restless or sleepy.

Barbie told me to sign on the piece of paper to be able to get my Form5A - so, I did. They opened 9am, but to my shock and utter disappointment, it seems that they haven't printed any of the Form5As of the undergraduates. What the Hell?!First of all, I have learned that the instruction to print was given Friday, but was taken back, and returned on Sunday. Even though it was a Sunday, they can't give it's a weekend as an excuse. They could and SHOULD have printed it as a batch on Monday.

Right there and then, I flared up. Talk about efficient and effective processes. Bullshit! I really felt it was very hypocritical of them. There was no order. You can really see unpreparedness. So to cut the long waiting/story short, I got my Form5A 10-ish.

I saw Sir Saguil while waiting in line for pre-advising. I just said to him, "sir pasign", and thankfully he did. "Ano pa kulang nito?", and I said, "Stat 101 or Elective". Without any questions, and without looking? he just wrote "Stat101, Elective", and signed it. I was done!I headed to the School of Statistics, because that's the only class I should and want to take. They said that they'll be releasing classes after lunch. I asked if what they meant by "after lunch" is 1pm, and they said yes. At that point, I was in between "sigh, fine" and "grar, 1 pa?", a feeling that will be overturned big time later.So I asked Reg to line up for me first, because I have to meet Joey and Harrell for our little blogger treat from Table for Three, Please at Sebastian's. The Ice Cream was just what I needed to cool my head off. We ate lunch after at Tokyo Cafe -- yummy also. I commuted back to UP after.

I arrived there mintues before 1pm. Lo and behold, they apparently announced that they'll give classes around 4pm. I was about to give up and just get an elective. But I decided to wait it out. I was very tired, pissed and harrassed - Mik said it showed.

I sat it out, waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. 4pm. Bam! If only you could see the line, the people, the mob. It was like (or worse) than that of the line for NFA rice in the slums. After they announced 2 TTh classes they were opening, and said "punta na lang dito kung sino...", the lined instantly disappeared. Now it seemed more like the mob in concerts (mosh pit?) or like one really bad MRT couch, jampacked - making people unable to move or breathe?

What made it worse was that they weren't really answering all our questions, or the basic question (and the most important one) "Would you still open classes for WF?" or "Would you still open classes?" (period). It was chaotic, very!

Everyone was facing the door of the administration office of Stat, pushing, going in and out of the line, very pissed, harrassed, stinking, perspiration all over --- faces of desperation.

My cousin, at one point, even joked that they are really enjoying this, making people suffer, not telling if there are still classes. People waited for nothing. TIME REALLY WASTED! F*** it. What kind of school are we in? What kind of processes do we have? What kind of lousy systems do we have?

Sadly, I guess it just shows, it just reflects what kind of education we are getting?

P.S. This is for all those people I was with in the lines - who didn't get anything yesterday. GRABE talaga! Some of them were there for 8 hours or more, waiting for nothing. Sad reality. Argh!

P.P.S. - Even though that happened, I was really ecstatic when they finally called my name. I got Stat101 after 9 hours, at 5:40pm. Even though my professor's not the one I wanted (eeep) I thank Jess for giving it to me.


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  2. Holy mother of breaks right there (tuesday/thursday). d: Oh well, at least you're done.

  3. how much more kung dyan pala ako nag-aaral... hehe... i should be thankful enough that our enrollement only lasts for 30 min or less.. heheh...

  4. camille

    I KNOW!! haha

    hahaha.. yeah. grabe. madali lang pag enrollment, GETTING your subjects is the WORST part. :\ haha



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