Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sitting Ducks

Finally, the long wait is over! I have my new board/card game called Sitting Ducks. It's a "quacky card game" by Playroom Entertainment. It's for 3-6 players and for ages 10 to adult. It's actually easy to play. Well your goal is to be the "last duck sitting", and you win the game! Easy enough? You have to maneuver your ducks, and get them out of the water safely, or face the wrath and get targeted or worse, shot. There are cards that will determine who'll get in the line of fire and who'll survive.

"If your birds of a feather can stick together and keep from getting hit, you could be the last Sitting Duck in the lake!"


  1. Hey! Congrats for making it to the finals! :)

  2. We're never too old for card games :D

  3. jez
    of course we're not! :) wanna play? :P hehe



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