Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bloggers at Collezione C2 High Art and Fashion

Joy, Jason, Dante and Arpee

Above: Riva, Marco, Loy and Karol from DLSU. They were the people I earlier mentioned who are in my age group *hehe* Oh, and Marco's the nephew of Rhett Eala, the genius behind the patriotic tees of Collezione C2 :) Below: My photo with Rhett

I took home one of the six limited edition Rhett Eala prints which were auctioned off to the media/public in a mock auction during the Collezione C2 My Pilipinas launch. This piece was signed by the artist himself.


  1. Hey! Wow we even got blog time. Hahaha!

  2. nice.. maybe we'll see you in future events hehe :)

  3. Whoa Bong! You met my best friends, Riva, Loy, Karol and Marco. What a small world. Btw I'm a friend of Tiff. :P

  4. shwishie

    Cool! Small world nga! Sige, hehe, I'll tell Tiffy :)



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