Thursday, June 12, 2008

Collezione C2 My Pilipinas Collection Launch

The Collezione C2 My Pilipinas the Series collection by Rhett Eala, cretive director of Collezione C2, was launched yesterday night at CAV, Bonifacio High Street.

"Collezione has been part of Philippine fashion consciousness for the past 36 years but far from being content with what they have achieved so far, they're a brand that's willing to innovate," he says. "And it is gratifying that as Collezione C2, they're hinging these innovations on Nationalism and genuine Filipino artistry."

And so, in an interplay of art, fashion and nationalism, Rhett brings the iconic brand to newer heights.

A collection of 18 Rorschach Inkblot paintings, of mostly the Philippine Archipelago, seemingly ambiguous, vague and meaningless for some, somehow expresses or tells us about the grace, resilience and vivacity of the Filipino people.

"It was a challenge trying to craft clothes for the Fashionalistas - the fashion-forward Filipino who's a Nationalist at heart. They're people who look beyond branding or aesthetics; since for them, even a simple action such as choosing clothes can become a statement of their pride as Filipinos, " affirms Rhett

"We wanted to go beyond the idea that Nationalism is outdated or that only heroes can show what it's like to be patriotic," says Joey Qua, President of Collezione C2. "And we thought that fashion is one way by which we can make the concept and hopefully the practice of Nationalism more relevant, accessible and open for interpretation even among the new generation."

Guests were treated to CAV's famous wines and food, while Carlos Celdran, host of the event, welcomed everyone and unveiled the collection. He showed and explained the various paintings displayed at the event. At the same time, he was interviewing Rhett about his inspirations in art and painting.

After the brief introduction and explanation, Celdran facilitated the auction of 6 limited edition design prints of Mr. Eala. They simulated an auction-like atmosphere by giving the audience 50,000 pesos worth of play money each, a number which they can raise to bid, and a chance to connive with one another to up their chances in bringing home the said pieces.

The My Pilipinas Art Space exhibit will be open to the public today until June 14 -- so you can visit and feel proud of the very Nationalistic and fancy designs by Mr. Rhett Eala. Entrance to the exhibit will be at The Spa.

Collezione C2 is available in the following branches: C2 Galleria, C2 Trinoma, C2 Market Market! and C2 Ermita. For questions or inquiries, please call 6712770, or email

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  1. Auction shmauction... I'm investing my play money in imaginary stocks. Yay!



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