Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee Friday

Achi Denise, Tippi, Adi, and Tin went to UP today for our scheduled Ultimate Frisbee game! Justin got out of his Thesis class for a while to join us. I can't believe that it pushed through! Yeahboy! Next time ulit! :)

I met Denise, Tippi and Adi at the "tambayan" they claimed - the chair they carved their asses on daw near/along the Sunken Garden. Funny how they were really half-drunk, ecstatic and giddy of the things they saw in UP, and about being in UP in general. I brought them to the CSA tambayan, while I was changing to my shoes.

Achi Denise got to hear the Bong song again. eep. :\

Pats, Joey, Harrell, Maxi, Regi, and Paul played with us too.

The Ongs + Paul vs. CSA. So it was Adi, Tin, Paul and I vs. Pats, Regi, Maxi, Joey and Harrell. :))

After I got cramps, we've called it a match already. I think we won even if after for a while, I twisted my ankle, played 3 vs. 5 (because Tin already sat out), then had the cramps. Hee.

Yao made it, but not in time for the actual game. We were all sitting down on the grass at that time. Sayang!

And now, my right ankle hurts, but ultimately I enjoyed today. I'm glad you guys enjoyed too. XD

(pic/s to follow)


  1. ** 3 vs 4 (+1 who doesn't really count)!

    Thanks soo much for inviting me to play, Bong! ♥ Really had lots of fun :D And I never realized how hard it actually was (till yesterday! haha!)

    Thanks for having me :D Hope I didn't mess up too much lol :9

  2. throws, you can'y just throw it dba? there are ways tlga to throw:)) i hope harrell didn't throw hard (thus bruised hands?) or was it pats? haha x.x

    nah, you didn't.. ok lang yun no! haha

  3. noo :P it was harrell (shh), but it's okay. i think he was just excited to be playing :P

    plus my skin is really sensitive :c i bruise easily. boo at my skin :<



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