Saturday, March 8, 2008

Phở Hoa ♥

Hannah, Joey, Kat and Harrell went to Pisay today for the Fair. And since they said they wouldn't take long, we planned to eat lunch at TriNoma. And so I met with them there. They went with Lance, whom Hannah "kidnapped" from Pisay.

We ate at Phở Hoa - Joey's favorite. I have never eaten there before so I was excited to try it out. I had the Marinated Shrimp with Grilled Pork. It tasted good. The marinated shrimp was just like any other - I think. In my opinion it went well with the rice and the pork, which was nicely done.

Hannah, Lance, Kat, Me, Harrell (Joey took the shot)

Fresh Spring Rolls with Peanut sauce

Marinated Prawns with Grilled Pork

Harrell and Joey led us after to Dairy Queen. They were really walking fast. Kat thought they were in a hurry to get ice cream, but only Hannah and Lance ordered. All of us abstained. :))

Harrell and Joey ♥

We went to Kat's car after to play bridge for a while, then we went home.

All photos courtesy of Joey.


  1. next time i'll take you to piadina! ♥

    and i ended up sinning anyway :c i got to the car and there was ensaymada waiting for me on my seat! ;_;

  2. bong! adik sa bridge! pati sa kotse naglalaro!!! :))

  3. @joey: piadina? hmm.. lemme search! sige sige! :)

    hehe. how could you! hahahaha! so it was just an ensaymada that got to you...tsk2:)) joke!

  4. @austin: haha! look who's talking, eh?:P hahah! di naman umaandar yung car no! nasa carpark lang kami..pft! :))

  5. @joey: ooooh! where do you get these awesome restos? hahaha! sige, game! it's cheap and it sounds yummy! :)

  6. i'm a picky and sosi eater (harrell says i have a "very developed tongue" or something sillyweird like that haha) so when i tend to be very selective with the places i eat xD

    don't worry, bong >:3 you're in good hands when i'm picking food places haha!



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