Thursday, February 7, 2008


Clea, Carlo, Sarah, Sheena, Chris, Mark, Me

After the "God of Gamblers" UPCSA film showing, I decided to check out UPfied and the launch of AdHoc. I was convinced by the CSA people in UPJMA to stay for the night, more so when Chris told me that he'd bring me home. (Thanks a lot man!)

It was really fun to set the record, and form "UP" using people who were holding candles and sparklers. It was even better when the Centennial band played "UP Ang Galing Mo", while we were all singing along with them. Oh, did I mention that the camera of MTV was focused on us that time. Oooh! :)

The fireworks went off at around 11pm, after Nescafe Soundskool band played their last song.

Chris Ng: "Mosmordia!"
Tasha Teh: "Expecto Patronum!"
Bong: "Levicorpus!"

*Photos from Sarah Wu

Congrats Barbie and Joan for that performance! Good luck on your big day! Congrats Rog for a great night! Good luck on Glam City!

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