Thursday, February 7, 2008

Red Shirt Day

  • Gong Xi Fa Cai!
  • UPCSA Org shirt arrived today. It's more than what I expected, which is good. Cute!
  • Tried to do Accounting 1 HW with Barbie, then Tenai...but failed.
  • Lucky Coleen already did her HW! What a relief! o_o
  • ArtStud - continued to dissect and discuss "Greenbelt" and "SM Megamall" and their meanings. Played with toys. Yes, small wooden blocks and action figures. Val Fig kinda got the hang of it. Wow! Fought with Joyce, because her action figure was copying my action figure's wardrobe! "Gaya-gaya ka kasi! Suntukan na!"
  • Ate 2 monays for lunch.
  • I went to NCPAG to pass my Accounting HW, and to look at the SC room for my name in the College Electoral Board nominations. Vote for me! :)
  • Went back to AS to play Frisbee with Tim. I miss Frisbee! Maxi and Pats followed. I haven't played for quite some time! (And I'm not as good as you say Tim) Let's do this again! Enjoy!! Let's form a team! Yeahboy! 3 more girls! Anyone interested?:P
  • Kakarmahin ka rin! Enough said. Reminder: CSA: Please be careful where you leave your stuff at the tambayan! I can't emphasize enough. Take care of your valuables.
  • UPCSA had its Dimsum-Eating Relay around a little past 4pm. It was a success!
Congrats Cul-Soc, especially to Krisha and Cherrie! Thanks to those who've helped a while ago!

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