Monday, May 14, 2012

SMART's Live More Anthem - "It's Your Life"

SMART has recently launched the Live More anthem entitled "It's Your Life" (formerly "It's Your Time"), which was used in the Smart Live More TVC. SMART, the country's biggest network, actually commissioned international composers James Banbury and Pete Davis, who have previously collaborated for other popular brands such as Marriot Hotels, Tropicana and Cathay Pacific, to make the song.

Inspired by the Live More message, the Component Music artists, based in Hong Kong (Banbury) and Sweden (Davis), worked across time zones to deliver the stirring soundtrack to SMART's new campaign, as shown in the SMART TVC. Pete Davis also worked on scores for popular movies such as Moulin Rouge while James Banbury worked on Coyote Ugly. James has also arranged strings for artists such as U2, Depeche Mode and Snow Patrol, while Pete has programmed and performed on records by Gwen Stefani, Bjork and The Spice Girls. And because of their experience and skill, they've come up with such a nice and catchy song for the SMART Live More campaign.

After watching and hearing the song, I can't help but play it again, and again, because the song is catchy and the lyrics is simply inspiring. When SMART launched its Live More campaign, with the message of "living your live to the fullest," and seizing the opportunities, it instantly clicked for me. Because I can identify with it. That's what I have been doing. Sometimes, it's really about trying new things. Don't be afraid to try new food, go and travel to new destinations, meet new people...because you will never know, unless you let go, and live more.

Living More and Conquering Batanes | Photo by Rommel Natanauan

I got hooked to the this message, and I wanted to share this attitude not only to my friends, but also to you. Just like with SMART, let's stop waiting and start living. We can count on the nationwidest coverage it offers, so that we can spend time on the important things. Live the present. Discover. Enjoy. Live life. Live More :)


My love is always the same,
It shines forever.
Shoot across the sky tonight,
(It’s your time)
I don’t want you to change,
It’s enough that you’re always there.
(It’s enough that you’re always there)

(It’s your time)
Feel the love
Shine forever
Here we go…

It’s your time
It’s your life

My life is more than a game,
(Calling out your name)
I don’t want you to change,
Yeah, I know that you’re always there.

Time’s your life
Make the most of every moment
Here we go…

It’s your time
It’s your life


The song is FREE and EXCLUSIVE to SMART Subscribers. You can download the song or you can download it as a ring back tune for your phone. Get a copy of the full song, "It's Your Life" for free by simply logging to and click download. You can also download it as a ring back tune on your phone by simply texting LIVEMORE and send to 2728. Enjoy the FREE "It's Your Life" ring back tune for 30 days (before it auto expires). I am sure you will get hooked to the song, as I did. Live More with SMART :)

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