Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tabléa Chocolate Café of Cebu City

While being toured at the new Robinsons Cybergate Mall, a multistory mixed used building with two floors of restaurants and shops, we discovered an interesting chocolate cafe called Tablea owned by the Garcias. The Tabléa Chocolate Café concept is really brilliant, offering a variety of hot chocolate drinks, iced chocolate drinks, coffee and tea, and of course, some pastries to go along with the cafe experience.


Tabléa Chocolate Café was inspired by its principal ingredient, the Tabléas (or tableyas), which are pure cacao beans that are dried, roasted, ground and then formed into blocks. Now, would you like to try some hot cocoa chocolate? :)


Tablea Chocolate Cafe also offers and supports Philippine Cocoa industry by offering a variety of tablea from different parts of the Philippines like in San Isidro Davao (Php 150), Jimalalud Negros Oriental (Php 145), Tagbilaran Bohol (Php 130), and Argao Cebu (Php 120).


They also offer hot chocolate mix, which comes in a variety of sleek packaging. They have the Traditional Mix (with muscovado sugar), Sipping Dark (rich, think and dark), Mexican (with cinnamon and spice), Tablea Milk Chocolate, and Black Chocolate (sugar free).


Sugar-Free Black Chocolate made with tablea has a lot of health benefits, which include: lowers blood pressure, protects the body from aging, lowers cholesterol, good for the hearth, energy booster, and rich in antioxidants.



  1. yay!! this is Tablea Cafe in Robinson's Cybergate..i always drop by there..naging friend ko na yan si Kuya 'Taba'..hehehe... i also have posts about their chocos



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