Sunday, February 5, 2012

Coca-Cola's President for Happiness

2012 marks 100 years of Coca-Cola. In line with this, Coke recently elected a Coca-Cola President for Happiness, named Caloy. His job description is simple, to make you and me happy. :) Here's a youtube video of Caloy, the Coca-Cola President for Happiness, addressing everyone.

Caloy's first proclamation as President was to give FREE COKE to everyone yesterday from 01:30 to 04:30 pm in several participating outlets and establishments. He so ordered his cabinet members to implement it. The result? More than 8 million FREE COKE were distributed. According to his update, "Happiness has been served!"

You know what will make me happy, Caloy? New Philippine Coca-Cola cans with really nice designs to celebrate Coke's 100 years of spreading happiness. What's probably more exciting and would make the Filipino people happier is to see Philippine Tourism related designs on Coke cans this year! #1forFUN and Happiness talaga ang Coca-Cola kapag nangyari yun! Truly, it will translate to happiness in every Filipino, don't you think? COKE. "More fun in the Philippines" ;)

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